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    Inspired by a post I saw at Breathnaigh, I recently bought a Needles Rebuild jacket. It’s easily the oddest piece of clothing I own, and I say that as a guy who walks around town in a motorcycle jacket. For those unfamiliar, Needles is one of the brands under Nepenthes – a Japanese company that operates as both a retailer and parent company to a number of labels. In addition to Needles, they have Engineered Garments, South2 West8, and Sonic Labs. The company’s founder and director, Keizo Shimizu, designs Needles and Sonic Labs.

    The Needles line feels very eccentric and bohemian. It includes this “Rebuild” collection, where individual pieces of clothing (often vintage) are deconstructed and used to “rebuild” new garments. Given the construction and designs, each piece is totally unique, even if the sensibilities across models and makes are the same. Take this BDU field jacket, for example. There are snap button pockets (presumably from the cargo pockets of BDU pants) on the interior side of the left lapel. One is so strangely placed that it’s in the middle of where the lapel folds over, which causes the lapel to sit strangely. Snap button pockets have also been used to reinforce the elbows, and there’s one pocket – upside down, even – placed right next to the patch hip pocket. Should you unbutton it, a ribbon previously used to cinch the waist on a pair of pants will unravel and fall out, reminding you that you’re in the Willy Wonka of field jacket designs.  

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Best Home Plans, Plan HB899-1A


    Best Home Plans, Plan HB899-1A

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  7. My friends are motorcycling through Vietnam and Laos for a year. Their photos are beautiful.

    My friends are motorcycling through Vietnam and Laos for a year. Their photos are beautiful.

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    Galileo Galilei / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side

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  10. 26 March 2014

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    why project versions of myself or imagined, hypothetical selves or god forbid other people onto fictional characters in an attempt to transcend shy, anxious, lowly me by creating something possibly meaningful if not valuable when i can write mealymouthed, ambiguous, vague, angsty, adjective-laden things here lacking all context and identifiable referents

    And then steal another’s words and use them for myself in an endlessly reverberating echo chamber of bouming self-importance.

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